About recuperation

Recuperation generally means the recovery of heat from the exhaust air and its subsequent transfer to the supplied fresh air, which is thus distributed to the living space already preheated.

The heart of the system of controlled (forced) ventilation with heat recuperation is the heat recovery unit, in which the heat transfer itself takes place. Fresh, cold outdoor air is heated via the heat exchange surface of the exchanger by heat from the exhaust air and this causes the saving  of energy for heating the building while ensuring hygienic limits of the required air exchange.

Get to know Ventobox units

Větrací jednotky Ventbox

Recuperation is an integral part of modern construction, where it is considered one of the basic elements reducing energy consumption as well as, for example, insulation of facades. Controlled ventilation is important for maintaining a favorable indoor microclimate of the environment.

Controlled ventilation is also suitable for existing buildings, where there is a problem with humidity, radon or insufficient ventilation in general.

During the reconstruction and thermal insulation of buildings, the overall cover of the house is often closed. As a result, the house stops breathing and moisture and mold accumulates. At the same time, the concentration of CO2 and the associated problems with headaches are rising. Controlled ventilation is therefore an ideal partner for revitalizing the house.

Declaration of conformity, in accordance with the provisions of Act no. No. 22/1997 Coll. in full, on the conformity of the product characteristics of the Ventbox 300 and Ventbox 400 units.

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